About Tutor Doctor Allen

Tracy Walker, Owner

Hi there! My name is Tracy Walker, and I’m a self-prescribed “helicopter mom”. I have two school age boys and I do my best to stay involved with the community and their education – serving on the PTA board, volunteering for field trips and class parties, keeping close contact with their teachers and grade progression, serving on various school district committees to help shape the future of the students in the area… the list goes on.

Before Tutor Doctor, I spent over 20 years working for a Fortune 500 company in several marketing and advertising roles. I worked on many fun projects that included traveling to shoot TV commercials, talent casting calls, and approving radio and social media ads. It was great work while it lasted, but I was in search of a new field where I could drive change in the community.

When the idea came along to own a Tutor Doctor office, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. We worked with an in home and online tutor for my oldest son when he was in 1st grade and again in 3rd grade, so I understand how beneficial it is as a parent to have someone come to your home, on your time, and provide the academic support that your child (and family) needs. The passion I have to see my own children succeed in school is the same passion I bring to the community. Sometimes it takes a village and I’m here to do my part to help you.