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Standardized Test Prep...Simplified

Our Step by Step Process:

  • Alleviates test anxiety
  • Provides a detailed diagnostic analysis to identify skill gaps and customize an individual plan for success
  • Builds stamina and pace for test strategy and goal setting
  • Includes directed practice, homework, quizzes and tests
  • Implements skill building curriculum and ongoing positive reinforcement
  • Unlimited online portal with extensive tutorials

Over the years our personalized approach and comprehensive tools have helped
thousands of students significantly improve their scores.

ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic Exam


First Things First: SAT OR ACT?

Which is right for you? This is determined by several factors such as:
School of choice - SAT and ACT exams are used interchangeably in admissions
depending on academic institutions and/or programs. We can advise you by taking the
time to learn which test is best for you as there are some important differences between
the two. Contingent upon goals and aptitudes, you could earn substantially higher
correlative scores on one test versus the other!


The Diagnostic Practice Exam

Initial scores identify each student’s strengths, pace, and challenges. As the student
continues in their custom program, subsequent quizzes and tests provide valuable
experience and ongoing data. We track progress toward individual goals and make
adjustments accordingly.


Student’s Needs vs. Family Budget:

Tests Are Standardized, Students Are Not! We consider:

  • Learning style
  • Past grades
  • Strengths & Challenges
  • Time frame & Goals
  • Family budget

Then make targeted recommendations i.e. Which tests are appropriate, timing, necessary
preparation, scheduling for the official exams, and finally budget. We will recommend a plan
that aligns with your needs, whether that includes:


Expert Coaches

Our test prep coaches are outstanding and each brings their own expertise and personality to
the job. We take great care to match students to the “right fit” tutor based on learning style,
personality, and academic needs.

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Our Skilled Albuquerque Tutors Get Real Results

One of the main components of a stable, successful future is a good education, which includes attending college. Our nation boasts many high-caliber schools that are suited for all students. However, the first step into gaining admission is receiving a solid score on the ACT and SAT® examination. Over two million students in the United States take these exams. The high volume of applicants schools receive can be overwhelming. One way to gain a competitive edge is through obtaining a high score on one or both of these tests. Our skilled Albuquerque tutors at Tutor Doctor Albuquerque can help your child succeed.

Whether your student attends La Cueva High School and wants to attend the University of New Mexico, or goes to Albuquerque High with dreams of attending New Mexico State, call Tutor Doctor today!

Disciplined Test Prep in New Mexico

The college application process can be unnecessarily overwhelming, imposing undue stress on parents and children alike. Our Albuquerque tutors are here to lighten your load by providing skilled test prep that covers every aspect of the SAT® and ACT.

All of our test programs include:

  • Full-length practice tests
  • Full diagnostic assessment to pinpoint strengths & weaknesses
  • Worksheets, assignments, and practice tests
  • Current ACT & SAT® exam prep materials/study guides
  • Individualized strategies for pacing and time management
  • Specific strategies for each type of test question
  • Information on score reporting policies
  • Advice on when and how often to take the SAT® exam &/or ACT

We sit down with students and instruct them through every aspect of the tests. The highest score for the SAT® exam is 1600, while the highest for the ACT is 36. When students work with Tutor Doctor Albuquerque, we guarantee personalized instruction best suited for each individual with an engaging, well-qualified tutor and detailed progress reports that will prepare each student to give their personal best. Your child will have an advantage over other high school students applying to college.

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