Meet The Owner Of Tutor Doctor Affton Crestwood

Sarah and Paul Cantrell, Owners

Owners of TD Affton Crestwood Sarah and Paul

Sarah and Paul live in South County with their three dogs and cat, and love to spend time with family and friends in their free time. They are both musicians and love to play music in church and uplift others with positive messages and inspiration. Sarah sings and Paul plays the guitar. They have also spent the last two years volunteering with kids with exceptional needs at the local horse therapy non profit – Helping Hands and Horses in Herculaneum, MO. Sarah has been riding horses for about 30 years and been in the teaching field since 2009.

Sarah and Paul, OwnersTeachers at Tutor Doctor

She received her Missouri dual teaching certification (Elementary and Special Education) in 2013. She then obtained her Master of Arts in Teaching degree in late 2017. She noticed in the classroom that there was a high need for individual instruction and would spend countless hours after school tutoring her students. Her passion is teaching and helping others in the field of education.

Paul has a background in customer service, training, and even went through EMT and firefighter training. His passion is helping and inspiring others in the field and lending a helping hand to his family and friends with his auto mechanic skills.

Both Sarah and Paul are inspired to make a positive difference in the field of education for their families they serve!