ACT/SAT®® Test Preparation

Our Programs Include:

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  • Full-length practice exams
  • Complete breakdown of scores
  • Counselling on how often to take SAT®/ACT
  • Careful assessment prior to tutoring sessions
  • Access to continuous support from test prep expert
  • Personalized tutor strategies
  • Practice with pacing & test taking skills
  • Up-to-date study guide materials & practice test
  • Advise on how to handle different questions

Partners in Your Child’s Academic Success

At Tutor Doctor West St. Louis, we understand how important your child’s future is, which is why we help build a solid educational foundation for them to succeed. Colleges and universities receive thousands of applications every year. To help differentiate the applicants, they seriously consider a student’s ACT or SAT® scores. Make sure your child has the competitive edge with help from our St. Louis private tutors.

We carefully assess each client’s strengths and weaknesses before assigning them a tutor that complements their educational goals and learning style. By fostering a relationship built on respect and trust, we help your child achieve score they desire. Furthermore, our test prep experts can help students determine whether to take the SAT® or ACT exam and how often.

The National Center for Education Statistics found that over 20.5 million students applied to college in 2016. Help your child stand out from the crowd. Students who have followed our SAT®/ACT prep program in St. Louis have shown great improvement. Our students can expect to raise their SAT scores by 100-300 points and their ACT scores by 3-7 points.

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