Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Preparing for the ACT

    As your child is entering the final years of their high school career, it’s time to get ready for what’s to come, such as the tests to help your student get into a great school. This means it’s time ...
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  • ACT vs. SAT

    As you prepare for college, you are faced with certain tests that can help with your college applications. The ACT and SAT tests are ones you hear about quite often with their scores often determine ...
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  • Transitioning from Middle School to High School

    As scary and difficult it is for parents to watch their children grow up and go from middle school to high school, it can be as, if not more, daunting for your teen. There are so many things that may ...
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  • How to Keep Your Student Motivated for School

    With the beginning of the school year just barely behind us and the rest of the school year to look forward to, some kids may find it difficult to find motivation to focus on school and school related ...
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