Meet the Owner

Mike Behm joined Tutor Doctor in 2009 as an Owner/Education Consultant serving southern Nevada. Mike got into the world of supplemental education to help the next generation excel in a challenging global workplace. With over 20 years in corporate leadership positions, Mike saw the increasing demands for education. Today’s workplace requires not only more core skills but also an ability and interest in continuous learning.

Mike feels strongly that tutoring provides the answer for many students looking to maximize their potential to succeed. Whether the student is struggling to keep up in school or frustrated with the lack of challenge, individual tutoring can customize a solution.

Having taught college economics many years ago, Mike is enjoying the return to education after a successful career in corporate finance. Mike particularly enjoys making math easier for struggling students. Mike is driven by the satisfaction of assisting children, and observing their transformation from a state of very low self esteem, to feeling confident and empowered.