Summer Learning Programs at Tutor Doctor

Summer Is an Opportunity to Do More, Not Less!

“Summer learning loss” is an annual phenomenon where a student will lose 20-30% of their academic gains from the year. That means for every major step forward your student accomplishes, they’ll be taking a few steps back—sheerly from lack of mental engagement! Tutor Doctor has a way to keep your student sharp through the summer, helping them stay ahead in their studies.

Our summer learning programs keep students’ minds engaged and fit. Like with physical fitness, a little consistency and discipline goes a long way. Our academic coaches are perfectly suited for helping kids of all ages keep their grades up and prepare for the upcoming year.

How to Get Started

Just give our tutors a call or reach out to us online! We’ll provide you with a free consultation and learning-style assessment for your students. We’ll even provide a report card review at no cost, helping identify where we can help your student grow and excel—all told, a $175 value!

Why Tutor Doctor?

What makes Tutor Doctor the perfect choice for your student? We care about academics from a personal perspective—which means we understand students have to enjoy learning before they do it well. That’s why we pair students with tutors who match their learning style and their personalities. As a result, we see better results for our kids, from kindergarten to seniors in high school.

Our appointments are also geared to fit around your life. We don’t want your child to give up their summer—we set up appointments wherever and whenever you need to meet. Nights and weekends aren’t out of the question, and we can help your child maintain their academic growth in the comfort of your home!

Call (888) 718-8832 today to get your free consultation and assessment!