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In today’s classroom environment, it is easy for students to feel as if they are lost in the noise. Teachers are often far outnumbered by their students, giving them little chance to really work one-on-one with the children. This can mean students are often left to their own devices to find their way, receiving little support to fill in the blank spaces or build upon foundational blocks in their education if there is something they don’t understand.

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At Tutor Doctor, we are designed to counteract the problems associated with this environment. Instead of having you drive through traffic to drop your student off for tutoring in yet another classroom, we instead come to you. Not only is this convenient though, it is actually designed to better meet each student’s needs. Our one-on-one tutoring program provides customized solution that maximize the improvement of each student.

The Tutor Doctor process is simple and effective:

  • We provide a free consultation that is both comprehensive and collaborative.
  • We use an advanced matching system to find the right tutor for each student.
  • We use personalized coaching with curriculum personalized to each student.
  • We support the family with regular check-ins and weekly session reports.

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