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Meet Our Owner

Living in Tampa for the last 10+ years, Rick decided to invest in the community by developing Tutor Doctor. Backed by 30+ years of international business experience, Rick has expertise in everything from factories to consulting. Most of all, Rick loves to provide the guidance individuals need to do their very best—whether that be on a test or in basic reading comprehension.

Rick’s passion for academic services began back when he worked with factory workers (some who only had up to a fourth grade education). Rick provided statistical methods training to these workers, helping develop comprehension for a hard subject. After this, he realized a new way of helping individuals not just meet, but exceed their expectations.

Founding Tutor Doctor in Tampa has allowed Rick to work with students to develop and improve their fundamental skills, as well as increase their academic discipline. Rick has even run a collection of business schools across the globe in countries such as Spain, Portugal, and France. Helping developing an international school system in Portugal, he has extensive experience.

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Standing Behind Tutor Doctor’s Methods

Rick jumped into creating a new Tutor Doctor location because he believed in the methodology used. He has seen the success of our one-on-one approach and the benefits of removing the classroom setting and creating a comfortable, familiar environment for students to learn in and ask questions without fear. Rick truly believes that this approach can help students quickly increase their educational levels and enjoy academic success.

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