About Our Tutors in Rockville

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John Hooi, the founder of Tutor Doctor, observed the discrepancy in teaching methods in various classrooms across the nation. He understood that not all students learned in the same manner, yet their needs were often overlooked due to a lack of resources and staff. That is why he started in Tutor Doctor in 2000. He believed that each student deserved individualized attention to help them learn and grow. Since the first tutoring session, our company hasn't stopped growing. We now have over 17,000 tutors helping over 200,000 students in 15 different countries. Our students’ success has garnered us attention from stations such as NBC, ABC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and more!

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Get Excited About Report Cards Again

When your child receives a bad grade, it can hurt their confidence and cause them to withdraw from classes. As a solid education is the foundation for a successful career, ensuring they succeed in high school can be crucial. Give the student in your life the tools they need to walk into their classroom with their head held high!

At Tutor Doctor Montgomery, we help students form strong study habits that allow them to tackle any subject their academic journey might present. Our lessons help beyond the classroom.

Some X-Skills our students learn include:

  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Self-motivation
  • Focus and sustained attention
  • Task initiation and follow through
  • Goal directed persistence

What Makes Tutor Doctor Different?

Our private tutors in Rockville bring a variety of experience to each tutoring session for your child. We take the time to understand your student’s strengths and weaknesses, matching them with an instructor that complements their study style and personality. We incorporate your child’s current curriculum into our lesson plans, so that they are not overwhelmed. By combining discipline with knowledge, we give students the tools they need to succeed.

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