ACT/SAT® Test Preparation

Our Programs Include:

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  • Current ACT/SAT® test guides and materials
  • Initial test prep consultation
  • In-depth diagnostic before lessons
  • Individualized strategies for pacing & guessing
  • Counselling on how many times/which test to take
  • Complete breakdown of scores
  • Personalized tutoring strategies
  • Full-length practice exams
  • Continuous support from test prep experts

Partners in Your Child’s Academic Success

The ACT and SAT® exams play a pivotal role in a student’s future. Colleges and universities across the nation use is as a way to measure a person’s readiness for higher education. Many schools accept both exams, which gives students more flexibility in terms of which test to take. At Tutor Doctor Lower Fairfield County, we understand it can be difficult to find the best test for you. That’s why our test prep tutors conduct comprehensive assessments to see which exam is better suited for the student. We can also advise you on how many times to take a test, too.

At Tutor Doctor, we have been helping students achieve academic success since 2000. We stay current with testing materials and guidelines to better prepare students. More than just memorizing information, we help individuals become better test takers. Students practice pacing, time management, and handling different questions. We help students gain the confidence they need to do well.

Students who worked with our ACT/SAT® tutors showed marked improvement. Those who went through our program increased their SAT® scores between 100-300 points and their ACT scores between 3-11 points. Find out what we can do for your child by calling (203) 769-9480.