About Our Lilburn Tutoring Company

Lilburn Tutors Empowering Students

Tutor Doctor Lilburn is proud to offer exceptional in-home tutoring services to students in our community. From Lilburn and surrounding communities, we provide quality, one-on-one sessions to help students achieve their academic goals. What started as a small company set to close the education gap has grown into a large organization that spans over 15 countries and has helped more than 200,000 students.

Our success stems from developing close tutor-student relationships that are built on trust and mutual respect. We carefully assess each child’s strengths and where they have room for growth. A tutor is then hand-selected based on their knowledge and personality. We create customized lesson plans to help students learn their current curriculum. Students also foster successful study habits which they can use outside of the classroom, as well.

When a child falls behind in class, their grades are affected and their confidence shaken. Our tutors help students feel confident about school and foster a genuine interest in the courses.Call (678) 325-0163 to get started today!