Tutor Doctor of North Atlanta

Tutoring Rooted in One-On-One Attention

As a family owned and operated business, Tutor Doctor of North Atlanta understands how important your child’s education is. That is why we want to make sure they make the most of it by offering our effective tutoring services. Our methods are simple—we provide one-on-one attention and tutoring services uniquely paired with your child’s learning style, educational needs, and personality. This makes for an enjoyable, effective, and impactful tutoring experience!

Convenient. Comfortable. One-to-One.

We've helped over 200,000 people gain the skills they need to learn.

Discover Our Difference

We never want to simply “duplicate” the learning experience your child had in the classroom. We want them to feel like they are getting a personalized plan that addresses the gaps left by traditional teaching methods. Our tutors are all thoroughly screened, fully trained, and undergo extensive background checks to make sure they are the right fit.

Why Tutor Doctor Was Created

15 years ago, our founder asked himself a few questions. He wondered what would happen if there was a tutoring service that catered to families’ busy schedules. He also wondered how much difference one-on-one attention and customized plans would make versus the learning center styles that children often go to after school.

These are just a few of the questions that spurred the creation of Tutor Doctor in 2000. Now, we have expanded to 15 different countries, serving more than 200,000 people with over 17,000 qualified tutors across the globe. In the last few years, we have crafted proven tutoring methods and strategies, delivering optimal results to students in need. More than that, we wanted to create a model that offered personal tutoring in an affordable manner, opening the door for families that previously couldn’t count on having an in-home tutor for their struggling student.

Want to find out how Tutor Doctor of North Atlanta can benefit your student? Reach out to us at (770) 464-5345. We look forward to serving you.