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In the last 15 years, Tutor Doctor has been devoted to providing the families of The Woodlands, Houston, and Spring, TX with affordable and effective tutoring that meets every child’s specific needs. We understand that your lives are busy, and your budgets may be tight. That doesn’t change the fact that your child could benefit from one-on-one in-home tutoring.

That’s why our service is committed to providing affordable service that fits around your schedule and budget. The Tutor Doctor of Houston has the experience to figure out a solution that works for your family, so your child can get the academic boost they need.

Convenient. Comfortable. One-to-One.

We've helped over 200,000 people gain the skills they need to learn.

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What Makes Our Approach Work?

At Tutor Doctor, we know a child’s learning is as much affected by relationship as it is by curriculum. That’s why our Houston tutoring services use detailed personality assessments in order to find the ideal tutor for your child. Then, equipped with an assessment of your child’s academic needs, we create a personalized program that boost your child’s strengths while focusing on areas of improvement.

As a result of finding the right tutor for your child, we help ensure that your child enjoys his or her sessions and will associate learning with fun, not struggle. As a result, your child can become the lifelong scholar and passionate student that we know he or she can be. Our tutoring is about more than grades—it is about unlocking your child’s full potential.

In addition, by coming to you wherever you are at a time that is convenient for you, we help your child receive tutoring without sacrificing the rest of his or her extracurricular activities. Our sessions can fit between ballet classes and soccer practices because our schedule adapts to your family’s life. Give your students the academic boost that they need.

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