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Also known as the American College Testing exam, the ACT is used to determine a student’s readiness for college or university. Schools across the country use it as a way to cut applications from their heavy load. While not the only factor in a college application, a high ACT score can help a student stand out from the rest. At Tutor Doctor Germantown, we understand the nerves and anxiety that go into taking the exam. Our skilled Memphis ACT tutors work closely with students to ease their nerves.

Studying for the ACT can seem like a herculean task. The test consists of four multiple-choice sections – English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. The scores from each are averaged to create a composite score. Students can receive up to 36 points, though the average is 21 points. The exam takes approximately three and a half hours to complete, testing students on their endurance in addition to their knowledge.

Here’s how our ACT tutoring program in Memphis can help:

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Two is Better Than One: Group Classes

Sometimes there is strength in numbers. It can be intimidating for a student to work with a tutor on their own. Luckily, we offer group classes. Students can attend ACT prep sessions together. We monitor class progress in real time, taking advantage of each minute.

Other benefits of our ACT group classes include:

At Tutor Doctor Germantown, we understand that students learn in different manners. While some enjoy group settings, others may do better with one-on-one sessions. We have programs to accommodate all of our students’ needs. Group packages starting at $699.

Consider Us Partners in Your Child’s Success

Tutor Doctor has been helping students pass their ACTs since 2000. Our services are backed by over 15 years of experience. Our success lies in our customized approach to tutoring. We take the time to assess each child’s academic needs and personality. We then match them with a tutor that complements their learning style. By forging a relationship based on trust and respect, they work as partners to get positive results.

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