Homeschool Support

Giving Homeschool Families the Resources They Need

Every child is unique, especially when it comes to learning. Homeschooling has become a popular option for students where the classroom is not the best environment for their learning and growth. Fortunately, the resources available to homeschooling parents have increased with the growth of the homeschooling movement, and parents can confidently teach their children to standards as high as, or even higher, than they’d receive in a classroom.

Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney provides support to homeschooling families in several ways. Our tutors can serve purely as tutors, supplementing the learning that the student is doing on their own, particularly with online curriculum. Since we come to you, this means that we can tutor your student in their own familiar learning space, where they are comfortable in their normal educational environment. We can also provide certified teachers and subject matter experts to actually teach subject matter, whether it is just a subject that Mom/Dad is not comfortable teaching, or whether it is the entire curriculum. We also provide “gap-year” support for those students taking several months or the whole school year off while transitioning between public and private school.

If you are considering homeschooling your child or have been homeschooling your child and would like some help, give us a call now. We can help you provide your child an exceptional homeschool education that will put them at the top of their peers!