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ACT Prep

The ACT measures content knowledge in four core subjects - English, Reading, Math, and Science - with some schools requiring a writing exam. This provides admissions officers a detailed picture of academic achievement and college readiness.

SAT® Exam Prep

The new SAT® exam test requires you to consider multiple sources of information to make connections between two passages, or identify the relationship between textual evidence and quantitative data such as graphs, charts and tables.

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One of the main components of a stable, successful future is a good education, which includes attending college. Our nation boasts many high-caliber schools that are suited for all students. However, the first step into gaining admission is receiving a solid score on the ACT and SAT® examination. Over two million students in the United States take these exams. The high volume of applicants schools receive can be overwhelming. One way to gain a competitive edge is through obtaining a high score on one or both of these tests. Our skilled Franklin tutors at Tutor Doctor Franklin can help your child succeed.

The competition is intense for college acceptance and scholarship dollars! A 3 to 5 point improvement can lead to thousands more in scholarship money. Call Tutor Doctor today!

Disciplined Test Prep in Greater Nashville and Franklin

The college application process can be unnecessarily overwhelming, imposing undue stress on parents and children alike. Our Greater Nashville and Franklin tutors are here to lighten your load by providing skilled test prep that covers every aspect of the ACT and SAT® exam .

All of our test programs include:

We sit down with students and instruct them through every aspect of the tests. The highest score for the ACT is 36, while the highest for the SAT® exam is 1600. When students work with Tutor Doctor Franklin, we guarantee personalized instruction best suited for each individual with an engaging, well-qualified tutor and detailed progress reports that will prepare each student to give their personal best. Your child will have an advantage over other high school students applying to college.

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Franklin ACT/SAT® Exam Test Preparation

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