Tutor Doctor Buckhead | Oct 27, 2016

Preparing for the ACT

As students reach their junior year in high school, one of the things they may become nervous about most is the tests they take to help them get into college. One of these is the ACT. The results of this can impact a student’s ability to go to the college of their choice, so it is very important to prepare properly. However, not many people are sure of what steps they should take to properly get ready for the ACT. Here are some ways that students can prepare for the exam.

  • Take timed practice tests – Because the ACT requires the test takers to complete the exam in a specific amount of time, students should prepare themselves by taking practice tests and timing them. This isn’t a race against the clock, though, and it should be used to train the students to utilize the entire allotted time for the test. This ensures they are not overlooking items and trying to rush through the process.
  • Plan a study schedule – One of the most beneficial study tips a student can utilize before the ACT is planning a study schedule. The ACT has different sections on various subjects. Setting aside set time to study for each is beneficial, and you can block out any other plans to avoid distractions.
  • Understand your weaknesses – Before the student takes the test, they should truly understand their weaknesses regarding the subjects presented. If they are strong in English, but struggle with math, spend more time of the study schedule on math to ensure there is a better understanding.
  • Utilize resources – Don’t be afraid to utilize all of the resources available to you. This includes online sites for test prep, teachers, study books, and even mobile apps. The more steps you take towards being prepared, the easier it will feel when the time of the test comes.

For any student who is preparing to take the ACT, it is important to make sure there is proper preparation involved. Our team at Tutor Doctor Buckhead can help you. Our Atlanta tutors are dedicated to making sure every student has the resources necessary to succeed when taking the ACT.

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