Tutor Doctor Buckhead | Nov 11, 2016

Helping Your Student Apply to College

Parents often worry about their students when it comes time to apply to college. After all, there are bound to be moments of stress and even somewhere the student feels down about themselves. Before this can happen, parents should take the necessary steps to help their student prepare for the entire process, and then guide them in their college applications. Doing so can be very beneficial not only to the mindset of the student, but also to their likelihood of being accepted.

Below are some tips that parents can utilize to help their students apply to college:

  • Prepare for tests – Helping a student prepare for the SAT or ACT is an important step towards college. This is recognized by numerous universities as one part of their admissions process and students applying should have these ready to go.
  • Start early – Stress often comes because of procrastination. The student may stall in applying to colleges and by that time, it may feel like it’s already too late. Encouraging the student to start early can give them ample time to ensure they are applying to the right schools, providing the right information, and have taken all steps to move forward.
  • Focus on the student – Parents must remember that the child is applying for college, nobody else. All focus should be on the student, his or her goals, and his or her past accomplishments. Prepare the essay and applications to identify those factors.
  • Keep them organized – Parents should take steps to ensure students are organized. Doing so can better prepare them for the application process. It’s more difficult to get through the application process if the student is trying to go through disorganized paperwork and information.

Above all else, it is important for the student to make sure they are academically prepared. If you recognize your child is struggling, our Atlanta tutors are dedicated to helping you. When you call Tutor Doctor of Atlanta, you can be sure you have trusted in-home tutors helping your student get the advantage they need.

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