Tutor Doctor Buckhead | Aug 17, 2016

Apps that Help Your High Schooler Study

Let’s face it, high school students today are glued to their smartphones. Most of the time it’s difficult to peel them away from their phones and get them to focus on school related work, but if you find the right apps it could help them study for their next exam. Here are Tutor Doctor Buckhead's favorite school-related apps that will help your high schooler succeed this school year:


Quizlet is a great study resource for all students! It allows users to create flashcards for whatever subject they want. Not only does it use the terms as virtual flashcards, it allows users to create their own tests and games out of the flashcards. Your student can use Quizlet on both the computer and smartphone.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great study tool! It allows users to create sharable documents from their internet browser or smartphone. This is great because it allows students to keep their schoolwork in one place. It also allows multiple people to edit it, which is great for group projects.

Daily Practice for the New SAT

Many high school students are planning on taking the SAT. The Daily Practice for the New SAT app is great for those who want to get started studying ahead of time. This app gives students the opportunity to answer and learn from one SAT question per day. It also allows students to score practice tests they have taken on paper.

ACT Up and SAT Up

ACT Up and SAT Up are apps that give users personalized study guides and practice tests for the ACT and SAT. These apps are great for students who are serious about getting the highest score possible on their ACT and/or SAT exams. It allows students to determine their strengths and weaknesses while studying for the ACT and/or SAT in a fun and interactive way.