Blog Posts in 2016

  • Study Tips for High Schoolers in Atlanta

    As high schoolers go through the motions of classes and exams, there needs to be some time set aside for studying to make sure success is achieved. However, there are numerous times when high ...
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  • Helping Your Student Apply to College

    Parents often worry about their students when it comes time to apply to college. After all, there are bound to be moments of stress and even somewhere the student feels down about themselves. Before ...
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  • Preparing for the ACT

    As students reach their junior year in high school, one of the things they may become nervous about most is the tests they take to help them get into college. One of these is the ACT. The results of ...
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  • How to Keep Your Student Organized

    One of the more difficult problems students have is staying focused on their work. Many times, this has to do with disorganization, which can cause distractions or procrastination. For any student, ...
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  • ACT or SAT, Which One Is Best for You?

    As you approach the end of your high school career and are ready to take the step to apply for colleges, you have to make plenty of decisions that could determine your future. One of the decisions you ...
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  • Apps that Help Your High Schooler Study

    Let’s face it, high school students today are glued to their smartphones. Most of the time it’s difficult to peel them away from their phones and get them to focus on school related work, but if you ...
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