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“We have always wanted something better for ourselves and most importantly for our two amazing children, Landon age 6 and Kinsley age 3. The desire to build an incredible future was something that was thought about and often talked about yet no opportunity had truly knocked on our door the way that Tutor Doctor did. We had three goals in mind, provide an amazing future for our family, do something that we love and lastly, and maybe most importantly, do something to help others.”

“On October 22, 2015 we officially launched Tutor Doctor in Brevard County, Florida. We work closely with the schools throughout the county and have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response. We enjoy attending community events and we drive our wrapped smart car everywhere.”

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has been the trusted name in tutoring services. What started as a small tutoring company and grown into a world-class service spanning across over 15 countries. Our dedicated Brevard County tutors are passionate about helping students succeed in their courses. Each of our staff is carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in a subject.

The key to our success is that we carefully assess each student that walks through our doors. We learn their learning styles, personality, and academic goals. A Brevard County private tutor is then selected to complement our student’s needs. Together, we build a strong tutor-pupil relationship that is founded on mutual respect, integrity, and trust.

Other ways our tutoring services stand out:

  • We have 17,000 tutors in 15+ countries
  • We provide customized lesson plans
  • We offer a wide array of academic programs
  • We provide parents with weekly progress report

Over 95% of our past clients would recommend our services to their friends and family. To find out why, call (321) 250-1741!