Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Preparing your child for a future career

    Every parent wants their child to be successful in life: to succeed academically, socially, spiritually, in every way possible. Included in that list is the desire of every parent to be rest assured ...
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  • Professional Development: An untapped market?

    Professional development days are a staple of school life. Students get a day off, parents scramble for childcare, and teachers sit in a stuffy room and become students. In truth, however, ...
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  • Remembering Roald Dahl

    September 13th is Roald Dahl Day, and in fact the 2016 version marks 100 years since the author was born. So let’s take a look at the man and his work, and what it all means. A common thread winding ...
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  • Learning to work with Common Core

    Of the many controversies in American education, few are more intense than the issue of Common Core. But whether you’re a fan or a critic, Common Core is a thing that exists, and there are some facts ...
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